E-Bikes – The next Level!

The E-bikes from M1-Sporttechik are characterized by filigree design and absolute performance. The combination of full carbon frames and powerful motors like TQ (120 Nm) and Brose (90 Nm) result in top class E-mountain bikes.

Top performance
with absolut smoothness

Equipped with up to 1050 Wh batteries, the Spitzing Evolution and Sterzing Evolution models set the highest standards. The Erzberg comes up with the Brose SMag – performance with absolute smoothness.

All models such as Pedelc (25 km/h) and S-Pedelec (45 km/h) are available and can be tested in the MEXXFRO M1 Flagship-Store in Memmingen, or you can book directly a MEXXFRO adventure tour to be widely amazed of the bikes.

Everything revolves around the bikes from M1 Sporttechnik. Testdrive, consultation or workshop, at MEXXFRO you are at the right place.



250 W | 90 Nm | 750 Wh
Price from 10.000 €


250 W | 90 Nm | 750 Wh
Price from 7.750 €


250 W | 90 Nm | 750 Wh
Price from 8.250 €


Spitzing Evolution BR

920 W | 120 Nm | 1050 Wh
Price from 11.000 €

Das Spitzing Evolution

920 W | 120 Nm | 1050 Wh
Price from 9.250 €

With us you can take the M1 Sporttechnik models under a closer look, configurate them individually and of course test them.


Sterzing Evolution CC

920 W | 120 Nm | 1050 Wh
Price from 6.999 €

Sterzing Evolution GT

920 W | 120 Nm | 1050 Wh
Price from 7.599 €

Our trained staff will gladly advise you and anxiously await your visit.


Test your M1 bike on a tour

On the MEXXFRO adventure tour you can test your new bike to the core.
Don´t let the oportunity slip away.

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Second hand bikes

Demonstration bikes, testbikes and bikes from our tour fleet – Here you will find your second-hand bike.

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