Check out the brand new ERZBERG. A fullsuspension bike at it´s best. No matter which terrain – The ERZBERG is your bike. From now on also with 29″ front wheel.

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Carbon offers the perfect symbiosis of contradictions. Rigidness with flexibility. Safety despite lightweight construction. This is why M1 stands for e-bikes of the next generation.

M1 Sporttechnik is considered a pioneer of the new generation of e-bikes. M1 is the first manufacturer to install the powerful e-bike motor from TQ. At up to 920 watts, it offers a maximum torque of 120 Nm. M1 sets new standards not only in terms of motors but also in terms of batteries. A battery capacity of 1050 Wh in an e-bike was unthinkable a few years ago. M1 also utilises the power of Brose, the quietest running motor on the market with 90 Nm. M1 uses carbon as central material for all bikes. Besides the frame, the complete rear end is also made of carbon fibre.

So, whether you are a certified downhill rider or a leisurely tourer, M1 offers the right high-end bike for every need!

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M1 Spitzing Evolution Bobby Root Edition

NEW - Das ERZBERG Bobby Root Edition

M1 Spitzing Evolution Bobby Root Edition


M1 Spitzing Evolution Bobby Root Edition

Das Spitzing Evolution Bobby Root Edition - 2. generation

M1-Spitzing Evolution

Das Spitzing Evolution

M1 Sterzing Evolution CC Pedelec gelb, blau

Das Sterzing Evolution

M1 Spitzing Evolution Bobby Root Edition

Das Zell



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