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Sign up yet for the testride at Andalusia from July 2020


test – enjoy – offset!

sign up yet for the testride at Andalusia from July 2020 

Test the Spitzing Evolution at a special 2-days trip at Andalusia



499,– € or 449,– € im DR (per person, per bike)

test  first, then buy – only at MEXXFRO!

Test the most powerful E-Mountainbike in the world two whole days

You stay in a 4* hotel 

On the respective daily stages we supply you with snacks and drinks 

Our tour guide will explain you all about the Spitzing Evolution and about the tour

Our service vehicle supply you continous with fully charged battery packs

Of course you not have worry for your baggage

Breakfast and snacks during the day are included (drinks incl.) 

be part of the testride…

Tour facts

Meeting place: Granada
Trip length: 2 Days
Total kilometres: 135 km
Total alititude covered: ca. 4.500 m
Group size: 10 participans + 1 tour guide
Single room: 499,– €
Double room: 449,– €


Welcome to Spain

We meet us in Granada. You can travel either directly there or to the near Airport in Malaga. Lets start. On asphalt, gravel roads and small paths you will you get know the Spitzing Evolution as its best. We ride in a small group of maximum p10 participans, so we get ahead.On the daily stages us awaiting some stoppages. Our service vehicle driver will prepare a little picnic and snacks drinks incuded .

We start the tour direcly in the north direction, up to the Sierrra Nevada. In a indescribable landscape we drive a compasses, with a breathtaking view down on Granada. It goes up an down  through the typical landscsape from Andalusia, before we reach our 4* Hotel. On the  afternoon we enjoy our dinner in the wonderful center of Granadas. Now you can relax, put your legs up and rest. On the next day we start in the next daily stage after a delicious breakfast (included).


To a new one!

Good Morning or bom dia. The bikes are from the technician best prepared. WIth the maintained bikes and full battery packs we can continue the tour. Today we met our service vehicle again  by a picnic and sancks.

The procedure you know already, the route not. How good, our tour guide knows everything about the tour and the bike .He can explain you about the liberties from the Spitzing Evolution. For you that means only – test and enjoying.

in the eve we reach our 4*hotel.Abends there we let the both testride-days end.

The most powerful E-Bike in the world!

MEXXFRO provides you the out of the ordianry Testride you ever have expected and that`s on the most powerful E-Bike in the world – the M1 Spitzing Evolution.

The big 1050 Wh-Battery packs let us cover the distance, which one with a normal E-Bike unattainable. MEXXFRO provides you the on service.

With 120 Nm and up to 920 Watt the powerful  TQ-Motor makes support up to 45 km/h.

M1 Spitzing Evolution – the special E-Mountainbike!

up to 920 Watt

Engine power


45 km/h

Top speed

120 Nm



  • 2 nights in top 4*-hotel breakfast  included
    (drinks excl.)
  • picnic and sancks during trip
  • 2 days Spitzing Evolution for rent (S-Pedelec)
  • service vehicle (technician incl.)
  • local tour guide
  • arrival to the meeting point by your own

Service Vehicle!

+ Battery replacement

Equal where and when the Batterie pack blanks – our service vehicle is every time on call accessible.

+ Spare bike 

In the case, if some problmes arise on your bike , when they doesnt  solve in a rush you have a spare bike in the service vehicle.

+ Baggage

You have chosen the wrong clothes in the morning? No problem – at every meeting place our service vehicle is available for you, with your baggage.

+ Repairs

Little repairs can carry  our service technician at a meeting place with the group out.

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 limited places

Booking request  – Testride at Andalusia

Meeting Place: Granada | Group size: max.10 participants | SR 499,– € DR 449,–  €