Your MEXXFRO team Spain

Managing Directors

Markus Präsenz (left)

Managing Director and Shareholder

His nickname Mexx makes up the first part of Mexxfro. Mexx has around 20 years of experience as a tour guide, having worked for BMW VIP Tours, for example. No surprise therefore that he personally scouted all Mexxfro tours himself. He’s also our lead tour guide and an expert regarding M1 bikes.

Thilo Frommlet (right)

Managing Director and Shareholder

The „Fro“ in Frommlet makes up the second part of Mexxfro. Thilo is a successful businessman and the managing director of Gefro KG. His business know-how brings stabilitiy and continuity to the team. Since his first tour with an M1 Spitzung Bike, he is a passionate e-bike rider.

Management & Organisation

Lorena Barralaga

Management MEXXFRO Iberia

Luis Córdoba

Tour guide


Edgar Navarro

Tour guide

Àngel Biarnes