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The upcoming generation of mountain bikes

On Mexxfro adventure tours, you only ride on high end e mountain bikes, provided by us for the duration of the tour. The M1 Spitzing Evolution, are produced by the Bavarian manufacturers M1-Sporttechnik.


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These S-Pedelec with carbon frames are one of the best e-bikes in the world. Its powerful 500 watt motor reaches top speeds of 45km/h and also delivers an unbelievable maximum Torque of 120 Nm – as much as a small car. More than enough to really push your limits! On asphalt, sand, grit, grass, gravel and even in deep snow.

In the highest of the 5 pedal assist levels, your power is more than quintupled, thanks to the revolutionary motor. Thus pushing your boundaries immensely – with a spectacular effect on your fun level. However, you will rarely need to fully exploit the M1 Spitzing’s superior riding performance. Its main purpose is to let you to enjoy every stage of the tour, all the while leaving you with enough energy reserves for each stage, and also to optimally balance the differing fitness and experience levels within the group.

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